CRM integration with Power BI

Hi All,

Do we have any course regarding CRM data sample and Power BI integration?

It will be very helpful for me if some one can answer here.

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Hello @Nisha . Are you using Dynamics 365?


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your reply.
As I am new regarding CRM systems,I am trying to learn any CRM and I want to do hands-on with any CRM + BI solution.
It will be good if here in Enterprise DNA we are having any such scenarios.

@Nisha Hello. There is an Enterprise DNA source taught by @sam.mckay called CRM Data Insights. It is a member-only webinar about an hour long. I don’t know if you are a member or not. Hope this helps.


Hi Nisha, Power BI is best for any kind of ERP or CRM if you wanted to Dynamics 365 yes you can have a very good analysis with this. If you want to integrate Salesforce yes you can integrate and build very good visuals based on that.
Let me know further if you required any help:)

Thank you so much Paul for the help

@Nisha you’re so welcome. That’s the only training about CRM I found. You can connect to any CRM in Power BI. Let me know if you have any questions. If this helped, just close the thread by choosing Solution below as solved.

Best of luck. Paul

Integrating CRM data with Power BI is a great idea. To learn more about it, you might want to check out the Enterprise DNA course called “CRM Data Insights” by @sam.mckay. It’s a valuable resource that could provide insights into this integration. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your project management within Power BI, consider incorporating gantt chart in excel for project management. They’re an effective tool for visualizing tasks and timelines. You can find a detailed guide on using Gantt charts for project management online. Best of luck with your CRM and Power BI journey!