Creating Virtual Groups using External Source

Hello Fellow Power BI Users -

Thank you for the extremely useful video on Creating Virtual Groups and their usage.

My question is: Can we create Virtual Groups in Power BI using external data input (e.g. Excel file) instead of creating the Groups manually ?

Manual works well if you have small number of dimension values or a small number of Virtual Groups. In my case my Product file has nearly 2,000 products and maybe about 80 Groups.

Appreciate your help.
Thanks and best regards…Adi

Yes absolutely.

For your use case, I would definitely go the excel route.

You can certainly do either, the video was just a review of a way to complete it internally for Power BI. This probably does suit smaller datasets.

Hello Sam:
Thanks for the prompt reply, really appreciate it.
Sam, however, I do not know how to create these groups using Excel tables.
Can you please help.
Thanks and best regards…Adi

Just create it manually, that’s really all you can do.

Then merge it into your model.

You can use technique similar to what are discussed in this tutorial, mainly around merging table together.