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Creating Date Table Relationship with TopN Table

Hi all,

I created a separate tables to for unique values and to do some TopN calculations but when I tried to filter by dates, it doesn’t recognize the table. In this example, I created a table called Parent Account TopN which has a one to many relationship with the fact table called Prospects. The date table has one to many relationship with the Prospects table.

In image#1, I tried to view the Top 10 accounts by date and the relationship is not working. This table doesn’t have a date column so how would I go about creating a relationship so that I can filter by dates. I have attached the WIP.

Image #1

Image# 2 Data Model

PPD Prospects Dashboard.pbit (745.5 KB)

I am going a different direction and using different syntax and it worked.

Thanks all.

I am going tou se Goodlys TopN and Others.