Creating an S-Curve Chart in Powerbi

Hi DNA Team,

I’m trying to replicate an S-curve Chart Below.

I would like the Percentage on both the X and Y Axis of my chart and 0% in the middle.

Can you please advise me if this is possible or a the custom visual required.



Dear Adam,

you can simply use line chart in power BI. you can adjust the filters and fix start point and end point ( for both X-axis and Y- axis to do that.


Hi @adam !

I found two questions related to S Curve in the Power BI Forum:

Let me know if I was able to help you with your S-Curve Chart!


Hi @adam:

Can you please share a similar sample dataset that you are working? I believe its possible to generate that S curve by using the default line chart without going for any custom visualization.

You can give a try to format your axis by setting the expected “upper value” and “lower Value”. I am sharing a screeshot of line chart formatting menue from where you can do it.

Let me know if it helps.axis formatting


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Hi @adam:

Pls check out more efficient way to do it!

  1. Select default line chart
  2. put you values in Axis and Values.
  3. Go to Analytics pane and add a “constant line”
    You will get a “s curve” visualization with a constant line 0 in the middle.
    (curve will be shaped based on your dataset/datapoints.)

I hope this will solve the issue more perfectly.