Creating a template with 25+ colors for report - Is that possible?

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Ive been developing reports for some time. but realise thast i dont have a lot of clarity on use of powerbi template for implementing colours in PowerBI.

So, Currently what i do is , i chose a colour and manually assign it to every single Category for all graphs within the erport. This process i know is not efficient.

I also know that I can create a custom theme file in json format and import that as a custom theme, and i have used it a couple of times in past. I want to go this route moving forward, but have some doubts.

In some of my reports i have 25 + categories. - Now, even though i done need to display all categories at same time, but I still have to have a separate color allocation for each one of them.

so i have a few doubts in my mind.

  1. I was reading in one of the forums that we can have a maximum of 8 + 2( black and white) colours in a template file.
  • is that true? how do you implement colours in your reports if you need more than 8 - I am sure i am not alone in this scenario. - do you manually apply colours to all your categories beyond these colours ?
  1. Whats the logic on how powerbi applies these colours to the report ? is there a detailed resource you can point me to ? id like to do some reading on this.

  2. is there a way we can control how these colors from custom theme get assigned in our report ?

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I’d say, having a different colour for every category isn’t best practice when it comes to visualisation.

You could create a table that contains the hex code for each category and use DAX to do a lookup for the colour in the conditional formatting.


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Creating a report template with 25+ colors is possible but may result in a complex and visually overwhelming design. Consider using a more restrained color palette for clarity and readability.