Creating a rolling total for consecutive days a value is negative or positive

Two files attached. I posted a topic over on Microsoft, but I don’t have the ability to attach files, so I’m redirecting the question here. I won’t rewrite the post, but I’ll give you a summary.

I’m trying to create a measure that will count the number of consecutive days a column value is positive or negative. I’m made some incremental progress, but haven’t been able to get a successful outcome.

Attached is the data and model. This is what I’m trying to get to. I’m trying to create one measure: Positive/Negative Consecutive Days Count. But I’m willing to have them as separate measures, as: Positive Consecutive Days Count and Negative Consecutive Days Count.

Data For Sample.xlsx (525.6 KB)

Consecutive Positive or Negative Count Qty.pbix (498.3 KB)

Special thanks to @deltaselect for help with my previous post on a related topic.

See if it helps
Consecutive Postive-Negative Qty.pbix (502.0 KB)

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I ran this through Data Mentor to see the ideas it came up with.

Some interesting ones to review

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Thanks @VilmarSchi,

This is exactly what I needed. Thank you for your help.

Wow Sam,

This is an impressive feature. I will definitely be setting up a subscription for this.