Creating a Primary Dataset for all other reports


Hi Everyone,

I created a primary dataset (say called MainDataset.pbix) that stores all the power query transforms pulling data from different sources. I uploaded to Power BI Service to use as a dataset. I have other Power BI Desktop files to connect to MainDataset, but I noticed I can only have that data and that data alone, I want to be able to create tables and have other datasources and unable to do so. Is there anyway around this? Should I store my dataset in Excel instead?


Unfortunately I don’t believe you can connect other Power BI model to each other like you’ve mentioned.

You will need to store the data centrally somewhere.

Would I would recommend looking at though is Power BI templates. It’s very easy to save you file as a template and what this does is saves all the query transformations you may do so that others can use the template and not have to redo everything in the query editor.

Hopefully this is helpful