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Creating a Performance Score

So, I want to do something unique for our campus locations by creating a Score Card that outputs a letter grade based on the performance of a location.

For each year, a location has :

    • Projected Prospective Students
    • Projected Prospective Student to Applied Student
    • Projected Registration (this is the number of courses that matriculated student takes in a year)

What I would like to do is take each of these and look at the actuals against the projected then I would like to weight each of the three. The grading scale for a location based on the three activities would something like an A - F grade output.

I know how to bring in the information for actuals and projected but what I do know how to do is then assign a weight to one of the three above categories and have an A-F score that is based on the total.

You’ll likely want to create a supporting table which has all the logic for this contained inside it.

So you’d have the grading and then in columns next to it the weighting bounds etc.

This is how you complete anything like this. See below for some examples.

This should give you some ideas to work through this on your scenario