Creating a new Look Up Table

HI i’m new to Power Bi and i’m creating my first data model for health and safety incident reporting. i have a fact table with a column of Branches which i want to filter on but don’t have a Look Up table.
i think i need to pull the unique values from my branch column in the fact table but not sure how, what is the optimal solution for creating a new table in my data model should i do this using the Enter Data function in the Query Editor or use the Create New Table function in the Modeling Tab in the Desktop.
Any help appreciated please


If you have this data somewhere in a table already the only thing you should not do is “Enter Data”. This requires manually entering the data and thus will need to be maintained by hand in future.

Wether you use Power Query or the “New Table” function depends on what your most comfortable with I suppose. Please check the following resources:

And especially:

Thanks Melissa, i ended up creating a new table and used the values function to select the unique branch values - this provided what i needed