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Creating a dynamic stacked clc

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PBIX Attached:

PBIXDD UDR Stacked Column Chart 09 02 21_2.pbix (1.5 MB)


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I don’t think this is do-able with native visuals (at least not the stacked column), you might be able to come up with something in Charticulator or the like.

However, here is what I have done:

  1. created MEASURES (your model just had the column value pulled in - not a good practice as it leaves you dependent on columns from that table for your visual)

  2. I removed the date from the visuals (and you were using the date from your FACT table, not the Calendar - so I have hidden the one on the fact table)

  3. cleaned up your calendar, you have several useful columns there - but they were scattered around and you had not linked any of the sort columns to the columns they should be sorting.

  4. created two measures - current year and prior year.

The reason you can’t do this with a stacked column chart is because in order to show two different periods from a single date filter, you have to use two different measures.
The minute you try to do this with a stacked column - you’re going to get something like this:
The two measures are stacked on top of each other, because that is how this chart type behaves.

To include the flag data - you have to have only a single value in the visual (one measure, not two) and then you are back to the problem of not being able to use a simple slicer for the visual. (if you always want to look at month data, you could use month and year as slicers, and then have the user select two years…)

Anyway - here is the file, perhaps someone else will have soem ideas from my write-up.
PBIXDD UDR Stacked Column Chart 09 02 21_2.pbix (1.5 MB)

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Hello Heather

My follow ups per your comments:

Stacked Column Chart:
Per the issue I was having with creating the stacked column chart I was leaning in the direction that it wasn’t doable.

Clustered Column Chart
Before reaching out to the forum I was successful with creating a clustered column chart to work with my dynamic slicer, but wanted to see if I could create the stacked column chart to work the same way, for the visual gives more details as it relates to comparing the Flag ( Yes and No) PY and CY.

Note: Also created Dax measures PY and CY as well to make the dynamic slicer to work with the clustered column chart - thought they were included in my . pbix sent.

In the future, wondering if I can send my inquires directly to you, much appreciate the detailed explanation, calendar table clean up and additional suggestions, will give them a try.

Much appreciate your quick response!
Thank you for your time.

Hi @ambidextrousmentally

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Ankit J.


Hi @ambidextrousmentally, did the response provided by @ankit and @Heather help you solve your query? If not, how far did you get and what kind of help you need further? If yes, kindly mark as solution the answer that solved your query. Thanks!

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