Create multiple views of the report with Personalized Visuals option in Power BI

Hi @EnterpriseDNA ,

Is there any way that a published Power BI report view can be edited by the users, and it does not interrupt with other users of the same report and every time the report is published it should not override the users’ content.
To explain more, we have some users who want to add/remove columns on the published version of the report while they are doing analysis. They need to save that view. They should be able to build multiple views of the same tab in the report with different columns and visuals.
So, we found out the report setting for personalized visuals. Turned it on and they are able to add/remove columns and able to switch the visuals to matrix, table etc. and save each view using the bookmark. But the issue is they are not able to change the settings of the visuals. For example, if they change a table to a matrix, they want to tun off stepped layout.

If we assign edit permissions to the users, they will lose it every time a new version of the report will be published. It makes it really complicated to keep track of the changes that each user will make if we think of merging all changes before we publish the new version.

Is there any alternative method to achieve this?

I hope I could explain. Please let me know if any questions.

Thank you very much in advance!