Create a Sample Data Table based on Slicers from Original Data Set

Hello! I have come across a challenge I can’t seem to get to work…was wondering if anyone has ever tried this out:

I have slicers on my original dataset where the user can choose a specific date range and a couple of locations they want to view. I now want to create a table with 25 random samples based of the filtered data from the slicers.

Currently, I have been able to get it to work on the original dataset. However, it does not take the slicers into consideration. Does anyone have any advice?

This is how I am creating a new table with 25 random samples from my original table called “Query1”.



Hi @msheladia. Can you attach you work-in-progress PBIX file (with data sanitized, if necessary)? Greg

Hi @Greg Sure! I have made a PBIX file with simple fake data. See attached.PBIRandSelection.pbix (65.0 KB)

Hi @msheladia.

OK, I iterated with your demo data set a bit, and couldn’t make anything work. AFAIK it can’t be done as you ask, as calculated tables are evaluated/created during a back-end data processing event (i.e., data refresh) and are not affected by UI filters. Perhaps other forum members can chime in if they’ve encountered this before.


Thanks for taking a look @Greg. Would there be any other way to do the random samples then?