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Create a Project Timeline with Milestones


I’m trying to develop a project timeline that allows you to select which tasks and milestones are to be included. I’ve attached an example image of something I’ve produced in MS Project but am completely unsure how to progress in BI.

Any ideas/pointers will be gratefully received.


unfortunately, I don’t have any ideas/pointers but I think this is a great post and would love to keep track of the solution!

You can try using Timeline Storyteller Custom Visual. That is the closest visual I could find for your requirement. Else, you might have to create one using Charticulator or Deneb.

Hi @jamesmarr32, have you tried the suggestions above?

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Hi, I have tried - whilst the app has some merit, it’s not the most user-friendly and didn’t create the timeline that I was looking for. More suggestions would be gratefully welcomed!

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