Create a Measure to return specific values from a specific collumn in a table/exclude values too


I am new to Power BI and to this forum! I am fired up about the possibilities of Power BI and am working my way through the content as part of the membership to Enterprise DNA which I think is great.

The project I am working on (a database created within Dynamics365 is connected to Power BI and initially I need to create a set of measures which will include/exclude specific values from tables and collumns to enable me to create a set of reports.

I need to create 2 measures to start!

  1. Select a specific value from a collumn & exclude all other values.

E.G. (Occurrence, [Occurrence Severity]

Options: Serious/Less Serious/ Incident/Very Serious

Select: I want to return only values in the table for Serious

  1. Exclude a specific value from a specific collumn.

E.G. (Occurrence, [Occurrence Severity]

Options: Serious/Less Serious/ Incident/Very Serious

Select: I want to exclude very serious.

The above are just an example of the measure I will need to apply to other tables with many more values associated to them.

I have been struggling to create these measures and would appreciate a push in the right direction

Many thanks


I’ve reviewed this question and it’s a bit difficult to provide any support really without knowing a lot more.

There’s much more in Power BI that just writing a DAX formula. You need to understand the model and relationships, and especially the context in which you want to show the value.

So unfortunately based on the information provided I’m unsure much asistance can really be offered.

I do though believe what you are attempting to do is very simple. It’s just about setting up your model correctly and building out some pretty simple formula.

Also do a quick review of the below link that explains how to get help as quick as possible.