Create a Map Reference Layer for ArcGis maps in Power BI

Hi there,
I’ve created a Map Reference Layer in ArcGIS Desktop and I’m wondering what format to share it in so that it will publish to the Reference Layer in ArcGIS map.

The documentation indicates to save as a hosted layer but, ArcGIS desktop is not giving me the option of saving the layer as .SVG file or Esri shapefile.

Just wondering if anyone has had any success with this or could point me in the right direction for instructions on how to do this.

I’m sorry I’ve never actually used ArcGIS before, so I’m not to sure. I wonder, as it’s a paid product do they actually have product teams that provide support on questions like these? I’m honestly not sure myself.

I’ve posted the same question on the ArcGis forums. They indicate the steps required to share a reference layer but, don’t indicate how to create the reference layer (file format or type of reference layer).

Ok great, hopefully someone on that forum should be able to assist quickly on that. I’m sure you’re not the only one with a similar problem

Sorry I can’t offer much more here at the moment.

I’ll have to spend some more time digging into ArcGIS in the near future.

For reference. To create a reference layer in ArcGIS you require to have a “creators” license for ArcGIS Online. The cost for this is substantially more than the $5/Month fee for Plus membership.

Indeed for incidental use the costs for Arcgis OnLine may be too high, although the product is great.
As an alternative check out the Mapbox visual, after registering (free) you get access to the website editor and you can create your own layers, videos are available to show you how.



I did use Mapbox for a while but I found the experience for creating and manipulating reference layers (specifically shape layers) not easy. Also, the setting of the visibility range required a 3rd party tool from github which left me a bit cold. I got the impression its been set up for ease of the US market first and the rest of the world they’ll get around to, eventually.

Having said that, although the creation of Refence Layers are simple in AGOL, substantial bugs still exist between AGOL and the ArcGIS for Power BI Visual. As an example Point and Boundary labels although present in AGOL don’t carry through to ArcGIS for Power BI.

Correct, it is not easy. I use Maptitude as my standard GIS software, so I can export a *.shp file and convert for use in Mapbox and Shapemap. If not available in Maptitude I find the shape file on the web, but it is always a work around. I expected Arcgis to come up with a Power BI subscription allowing easier and dynamic use of multiple layers.



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