Create A Gantt Chart In Power BI With A Matrix Visual


Sam: great work. Can you please either share the file or create a follow-up post to expound on the details of the model? Thanks.

There is already actually a detailed workshop on the specific subject. It is in the scenario method workshops module.

See below


Please let us know if there’s ever a way to size the columns faster.

There is a Gantt chart visual availble in the custom visuals marketplace. It’s for free and it’s from Microsoft, so you can trust it. I like it. There is also a custom date slicer from Microsoft that fits well with the Gantt chart. Give it a try.

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Totally endorse @Martin’s recommendation here. I use the Microsoft Gantt custom visual for managing and reporting on a number of my projects. A lot of nice features including a dynamic today line, custom milestone markers, robust tooltips, ability to assign resources to tasks and track % complete by task.

I will warn you that there is some mild wonkiness that still need some debugging – for example, the resource labels in my desktop client version are set to appear to the right of the task bars, but when I publish to the service they move inside the bars. I also can’t get rid of the time in the tooltip, despite the fact that my date field is date only, not date/time. But these are pretty minor, and overall it’s a lot easier than building it out yourself from a matrix visual.

@Martin - what’s the date slicer you reference that you use in conjunction with this visual?

I hope this is helpful.

– Brian

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It’s called Timeline Slicer

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