Create 12-month P&L using actual YTD and budget figures


I’m still pretty new at this so I don’t know how to write the DAX to achieve the following, can anyone assist me?

I want to create a Profit & Loss by month (a column for each month) using both actual figures and budget figures depending on the month i.e. For the previous and current months return actuals, and for upcoming months return budget. To add further complexity I need a slicer for selecting the months where actuals apply (this is relevant for some of my clients where their data is a bit behind).

If it helps, I have separate measures for calculating actuals and budgets as I use these in my other reports. I just don’t know how to combine them.

Thanks in advance.

I would suggest going over the following content on the website.

Sam also did a Summit in Aug of 2018 that would be good for you to watch as well on Financial reporting. I can be found here with all of the resources.



Thanks, @ojones. Those were helpful.