Courses / Training / Workout of Microsoft Fabric

Hello @SamMcKay ,

I see there is demand for using Microsoft Fabric as end-to-end analytics as many small / medium enterprise is looking a solution that can handle all the data as well as analytic in one place.

Do you consider developing course / trainings / workout that related to Microsoft Fabric? Or do you have any ideas where to provide training of Microsoft Fabric ?

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I believe if you check the Microsoft Learning Center, they will have training on Microsoft Fabric.


Hi @Keith ,

I already checked the training in Microsoft site but it is not quite clear and lack of real scenarios for practice

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OK. It was just a thought

We will look to create content soon, but the demand from our side hasn’t been that much.

I just keep looking at this chart and you can see why

But we will.

Eventually when it makes more sense, and they don’t change everything every couple of months.

By the way everyone, we now have a comprehensive MS Fabric Learning Path now live.

Took some time getting this together but this will give you one of the best head starts to learning and using Fabric.


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