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Courses flow chart gone?

Hi there,
Can you please tell me where the course flow chart went too? The flow chart shows what courses you can take in each level for beginners, intermediate and advance levels.

Thanks for your help

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The old static learning map has been replaced by a dynamic new version that lets you build a custom learning path, based on your level, interests and goals.

However, here’s a copy of the old version if you find that useful as well.

  • Brian

Hi @BrianJ,

thanks for the screen print. Where do you find the new dynamic version?

thanks again


You can access it via this page:

or directly through this link

@sam.mckay and I are continuing to refine and update the Dynamic Learning Map. Within the next week, I expect we will be rolling out an updated version that will also automatically generate a one page, printable Gantt-type schedule for your selected coursework, along with some other nice enhancements.

As always, feedback welcomed.

– Brian

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thank you sir :smile: