Count or number of transactions based on slicer value

My fact table has names of clients and last day as date (lastdate of authorization is generated as column in the same table) to authorize them to access system I have created a column that compares this date to today’s date and if the Expiration date is less than today’s date it returns true otherwise return false. I then have a measure called “Time expired” which returns True, or false based on column data. what I like to have as a measure is to show me number of unique clients that have False or True (based on the slicer) and other dependent variable is that each customer belong to certain group of which I have a supporting table of them linked to fact table, so the mentioned measure should also filter based on group selected as slicer.

In other words I need a measure that check for True/False and match the group name and then returns the unique count of clients that match these cafeterias.

Thank you in advance for your help, greatly appreciated.

Probably going to have to see an example file here to really offer any assistance. There’s just too much at play.

Though, I’m not sure it is actually that difficult if you just use the DISCOUNTCOUNT function and also have the right filters and slicers in your report page.

Other than this I’m not sure where to start without seeing more or an example of the whole scenario.


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