Count of days measure for project start/end

Hello All,

I want to create Days to Start and Days to End measures for the list of projects. Such that the group slicers can control both tables (Project Start and Project End), and the measures return count of the day(s)to both Start and End days using the last refresh table as the base date. The last refresh table serves as the date table.

A power query solution will also be appreciated.

Project.pbix (79.3 KB)
projects_data.csv (6.5 KB)

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See if it helps:
Project.pbix (89.9 KB)

Hello @VilmarSchi ,
Apologies for the late response, and I appreciate the provided solution. The above solution works for the dataset above, but the results were different when I applied it to the project I am working on. My dataset has projects with similar names (s) but different start and end dates. In this regard, the outputs do not correspond to the measure results for both DaysToEnd and DaysToStart.

Any further solution would be welcome.

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