Count number of Units where total Units Values > 90%

We have a dataset which shows the number of events that are related to a business unit. Some events are completed in time and as such we have calculated the number of events in time.

We are wanting to perform a count of the number of business units that have an events in time better than 90%

So in the example above we should see a value of 1 (one) as Buildings and Facilities is the only one that has a total Events in Time % above 90%.

I have tried the calculation

Business Units under 90% = COUNTROWS(
                                                      VALUES('CRM Events'[Business Unit]), "EIT",[Events in Time %])
                                                      , [EIT]<.9)

However we would like this on a Card so it doesn’t know the business unit context.

Can someone please assist.

Would be good to test this.

But in the meantime can you just test this instead

Business Units under 90% = COUNTROWS(
SUMMARIZE( ‘CRM Events’, ‘CRM Events’[Business Unit], Potentially the code here aswell???
“EIT”,[Events in Time %])
, [EIT]&lt;.9)

I’m not sure what column this is. You might have to add it as I’ve suggested above also.


See if this works. I’m thinking the VALUES functions could potentially be causing the issue here.

Thanks @sam.mckay. Unfortunately that didn’t work.

The column that starts with CR-18100177 is the actual event numbers, so under Active Communities for this particular month there are 11 CRMS events, but only 8 of them were completed in time. I am trying to calculate that for any given period selected the Events In Time % for Active Communities was 73%, which is below our 90% threshold.

In the above screen shot it shows that Active Communities is below 90% and Buildings and Facilities is above, so the number I’m looking for is 1. There is 1 Business Unit that is above the threshold.

I hope this makes more sense.

Can you add the model or an example to test. Need to see everything and work through some options.