Count Number of Rows after filter(s) is applied

This seems almost so easy I’m embarrassed to post this question. That being said:

I have a table showing Customer Name, Item Number, Sales Order, Sales Order Number and Qty. I’m trying to create a measure that will calculate the total number of lines based on the filtered table. I have two filter visuals that allow the user to filter by customer and/or Item Number, but the Total Number of Sales Lines is always incorrect.

In this example, I’m expecting the Total Sales Lines to = 3, not 5.

What am I missing? The measure is shown at the top:

I have seen this happen before when one of the line items is actually 2 transactions in the background and get combined under, in this case, the Sales_Order. I discovered it by clicking on the individual line items and looking at the results.



Please share you PBIX file if you have not found a solution to your question. This will give us a better picture of how you are coming up with that number.



You were right about this. I looked at the raw data, it shows that I actually have 5 lines for this Customer and Part. What I’m missing is what’s making each of those 5 lines unique - the serial number. When I add in the serial number to the table, I can see all the lines.

Thanks for your help!


No problem glad you were able to find the extra entries.