Count Number of Months Selected

I am trying to count the Number of Months selected on my slicer. The slicer allows you to select YearMonthNum. I am using this formula but no matter how many months I select on the slicer, it gives the result “12”. Any suggestions to fix this formula are greatly appreciated.

of Months Selected =

( DateTable[Month #]),

If you can add an example file that would be helpful for a quick solution.

Probably though all you need to do is.

COUNTROWS( VALUES( MonthColumnFromSlicer) )


I am using it for a card to show the # of months selected so I don’t have any rows that show the month. Ultimately, I want to use it in a calculate to show revenue per month (selected). The graph that I do have is a pie graph with Revenue for Each Property and my slicer is Year/Month.

Okay sure thing. Were you successful with this particular formula? It still seems to me like this should work.


Yes, I got it to work. Thank you.