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I´m trying to create this measure in DAX but an error is coming back.
This same measure works well in DAX Studio.
Do you have any clue why is this happening?

I replace the SUMMARIZECOLUMNS function by the SUMMARIZE and works.

VAR TempTable =
‘Invoicing Data’,
‘Invoicing Data’[Nom prénom],
‘Invoicing Data’[Libellé prestation GL],
‘Invoicing Data’[Date chargement],
“Qty”, COUNTA( ‘Invoicing Data’[Nom prénom])
CONTAINSSTRING(‘Invoicing Data’[Libellé prestation GL], “GESTION DE SMARTPHONE, TABLETTE” ) &&
‘Invoicing Data’[Date chargement] = DATE(2020,12,01) &&
[Qty] >1

SUMMARIZECOLUMNS is designed for the purpose of generating the data that populates a visual in Power BI, this also has a flaw that it can’t be used in a measure in visual where the grouping is happening.

You can use a measure containing SUMMARIZECOLUMNS in a card or any visual that doesn’t rely on SUMMARIZECOLUMNS for its properties.

In easy words its primary use is as a query function, but you can also use it for calculated tables.