Costs variation % over week before and so on

Hi guys,
I have this report that is showing my costs per week on a specific date range. It’s a simple metric report that is showing the department on rows, year & week on columns and Net Costs on Values.
What i’d like to see, instead of the real value, the percentage (increase or decrease) over the week before. That way i can filter on the value those above 20%. You know a kinda report of “something is wrong with these expenses and it’s right here!”
All help and ideas much and much apreciated.
Best regards to you all

Here is a sample logic of what you can use… feel free to attach your .pbix and i can look into it with more details

WeekNumber = WEEKNUM(Table[Date],2)
WeekDay = WEEKDAY(Table[Date],2)
Difference =
SUM ( Table[Sales] )
SUM ( Table[Sales] ),
ALL ( Table ),
Table[Year] = MAX ( Table[Year] )
&& Table[WeekNumber]
= MAX ( Table[WeekNumber] ) - 1
&& Table[WeekDay] = MAX ( Table[WeekDay] )

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Awesome. Thank you so much