Cortana PowerBI Service Not Present


Hi, I am trying to enable cortana features for one of my data-sets as a demonstration. I have done this before, however i’'m unsure why this data set is not giving me the option to enable cortana in PowerBI online service?

Its usually in that area as seen in the image isn’t it? I have read through the Microsoft documentations and have enabled it in my computers account area etc however its just the online service which is giving me trouble? The data set is just an ODBC connection to a database.

Any ideas where it has gone?


Honestly, would have to say here I don’t know this one. I’ll try do some reading and work out. Hopefully someone else has had more experience with all the variables on this one.


Thanks Sam, I have tried troubleshooting and searching as well but no good yet.


So I see it in my portal, so there must be a settings difference

Potentially could you have RLS setup in that report…maybe this is causing it not to show as Q&A doesn’t work with RLS currently.

Are you able to see this option with any other datasets or is it across the board it doesn’t show anymore?


That will be the reason. I didn’t know it didn’t work with RLS. Thanks Sam, appreciate it.


I didn’t realize this myself to be honest until live during the latest summit Q&A stopped working for me, and it was because of this reason