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My finance team would like to maintain historical solutions (Dataset + Report), we therefore each month pull the latest PBIX from online, update the dataset, rename the file and republish new. However this method only copies one report. We are working on building out multiple reports for different audiences and therefore have 2 reports per data set.

We have not found a way to “copy” or “move” a report from one data set to another.

Is there an option to copy reports?

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Hi @OrcMa - I am not clear on the requirement. Can you please explain in bit more detail.

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When building a report using PowerBI desktop the Dataset and Report are one of the same. However on the PowerBI service, it is possible to have 2 reports that attach to the same dataset. Due to our reporting requirements we create a new data set every month. The process currently works like this:

  1. Download last months report + data from Power BI Online
  2. Update the data references within PowerBI Desktop
  3. Change the name of the pbix file
  4. publish the “new” dataset with the existing report.

However we also have a second report attached to the original dataset. We have not found a way to make a copy of the second report and attach it to the new data set.

We could follow the process above for the second report and “overwrite” the data set. But it feels that there should be a better way.