Convert date stored as serial number to date in DAX


I have few date fields in my SAS data set that are stored as serial numbers like. I am looking for a DAX formula to convert these serial numbers to DATE given that serial numbers in SAS uses 1/1/1960 as a start date rather than Microsoft start date of 1/1/1900. Here is a sample of date stored as serial numbers with DAX standard format conversion and expected date values:

Serial Number DAX Format Formula Expected Result
20426 03Dec1955 04Dec2015

20571 04Aug1956 05Aug2016

21469 11Oct1958 12Oct2018

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Since you probably want to store these new dates it’s going to be better (and easier in my view) to use power query. And it’s really not that all difficult:

  1. Create a parameter, name it StartDate. This will be the 1/1/1960


  1. In your table that has the serial # you want to convert enter this as a new column:
Number.From ([Serial Number] )

This will take the StartDate parameter and add the serial #, since that is days since 1/1/1960



Thank you so much. Worked like a charm.


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