Control P Chart in PowerBI

Hi there,

I am in need of creating Control P Chart in PowerBI
I need to build this using Scrap % which is basically sum(defects)/sum(items) plotting this on Line Chart

I need 4 Measures which are as follows Average , Standard Deviation, UCL & LCL

I got the Average and Standard Deviation to populate numbers I want

Avg = Calculate(AVERAGEX(defects_table,DIVIDE(Sum(defects),Sum(items),0)),ALLSELECTED(defects_table))


I am looking to build UCL and LCL however could not get my head around this
From Youtube I understood the UCL formula to be as follows which was demonstrated on Excel

How can I build this or alternative to UCL above in PowerBI ?
I tried creating this but I dont get the values as expected
UCL CALCULATE(([Avg]+[Std]*3),ALLSELECTED(defects_table))

Attached is the sample data

Please guide and thanks in Advance

ControlP.xlsx (10.2 KB)

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Hi @yendluru.aj

Regarding your needs, I would recommend that you watch this video on control charts, it includes UCL and LCL in power BI Control Charts in power BI .

Thanks and all the best


Thanks @NajahS… I have created the required Measures needed Control P Chart !

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Great to hear that. :slight_smile: