Content packs - Multiple profit centres and Forecasts


we have a number of Reports (with multiple tabs) that we wish to combine and create in one pack to send to end users.

The company I work for has set these reports up with the ability to filter on the profit centre and forecast (we forecast monthly) that you are interested in. As the first stage of our power BI journey they are looking to combine these (PDF) to send out a pack to our less tech savy (i.e. some of these people do not use excel) users. Ideally we want the ability to pull tabs from multiple reports in this pack and then filter on the profit centre and forecast, combine and email out to end users. ideally this solution would be easy to update each month when new forecasts are ready.

From my reading to date this sounds exactly like a content pack but a content pack can’t handle picking and choosing tabs from a report and then we have to go into each pack to update the forecast each month. Is there a power BI solution for this currently (also looking at power BI robots at the moment)

any help is much appreciated


I believe this can all be done in the online service with some of the new functionality.

Content packs are now what are considered apps


The pdf functionality is where you might get stuck.

You can easily download pdfs for seperate reports. The functionality on this is now amazing.


But it just would have to be done manually. Very simple though, it’s certainly not a big or onerous taks.

If the pdf thing really has to happen then this is really you only option.