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Constant "logins"

I have been a member for several months and I have a question related to the website. It seems that I am asked to login everytime I select a differenct section…forum, showcase, learning, etc…

Am I doing something wrong? It seems weird to me. Why can’t I just login and navigate?

Also - everytime I click an option it opens a new web window…why?

Thanks, Glenn

Hi @grjohnsonjr ,

The Forum and the Learning Portal (Enterprise DNA Online) have different logins. We do this to moderate the users of the portal.

If you are already logged in to both, it shouldn’t ask you to log in again.

When you are in the forum or portal, most options do not open a new tab. Outside links, when clicked though, usually open a new tab.

Hope you will have a better experience inside the Forum.

Enterprise DNA Team