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Connecting to SharePoint

Was told that in the near future I will need to get some data from a SharePoint site for a Power BI visual. I’ve never done it. Is there a video that does a good job of walking you through this? I’ve never had to extract anything from a SharePoint site. My intuition tells me that it will come out sorta like Excel, but I don’t know.


Hi @talk2gwhite,

Do you mean SharePoint lists? because SharePoint can contain any type of document like Excel, PDF files or you name it… There is also a difference between connecting to SharePoint Online vs On Prem.

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When using SharePoint Online I simply Get Data from the web and insert the path to the file in SharePoint and it works like a local file from there on.



This article is worth reading - discusses performance issues related to using Sharepoint as a PBI data source:

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It was a SharePoint Online. I watched a few videos and it was pretty simple.

Glad to hear you’ve resolved it! :+1:

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