Connecting to Analysis Services tabular data in Power BI Desktop

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Pls i need a detailed information on this topic “Connecting to Analysis Services tabular data in Power BI Desktop”.
I need help understanding how to work with DAX and creating measures while using SSAS Data source.
@BrianJ Pls I will appreciate your help too.
Pls Has @sam.mckay used SSAS connection in any of his videos?

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Have you deployed the SSAS project? Then just use the Connect to Analysis services option and start creating measures in PBI.

Hey @AntrikshSharma can I perform the actions in PBI? even when its a live connection because I cant see the data model and data view symbol on the desktop.

Nope, you can’t do that with a live connection, you will have to import data, but the reason for having SSAS is usually because you want to do data modelling on SSAS and then just prepare reports and measures in PBI.

Thanks @AntrikshSharma pls if you have material That can provide more information, i will appreciate taking a look at it too.
which is preferable doing the clean up in SSAS or PBi?

You can get the SSAS course from Pragmatic Works, I am also currently enrolled in that and the difficulty level is quite good, the plus point is you can enroll in the monthly subscription that gets you access to 60 + course at 55$, and a month is good enough to understand the workings of a tools, or you can get SSAS course from SQLBI or their tabular modelling book from Amazon.

SSAS vs PBI depends on your requirements.

Thanks so much this was really helpful. currently going through pragmatic works.