Connecting Onedrive folder?

Do you know if it is possible to connect Sharepoint folders to power bi or you would advise to use onedrive folder connection to power bi? I struggle to find which way its easiest to refresh even if it is not automatic refresh once i do publish it to power bi service.

I know how to connect to Onedrive folder where the last modified is picked up. But it does not seem to work once i publish to the service. Think its getaway issue?

Thank you so much.

I believe you are storing your datasets and .pbix files on OneDrive for Business
Once you have published it to Power BI Service ( PBIS ),

   1. In PBIS home page , hit the settings icon ( located on top right corner ) - > select Settings
   2.  go to the datasets tab
   3. choose the dataset you want to be auto-updated ( OneDrive auto refreshes every hour )
   4. make sure the OneDrive refresh is enabled

Any changes to your dataset and .pbix files will auto reflect on PBIS after every hour
N.B : you can also check the refresh history on the same page, refer to the screenshot attched

Hi Vickar,
Thank you so much. That is very helpful - its saying its an issue with getaway (directs me to download “on premise getaway” - which i understand is not needed as its cloud, right? )Think i need to see our IT team regarding security and access.

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Dear, Are you trying to publish your report by hitting the publish button on Power BI Desktop,
and encountering the gateway error ?
If yes, then don’t publish it that way.
Rather go to your Power BI Services account, and import your report by going to the page in the below image

Hi Jetuke_ES,

You are right about no need for a gateway when datasources are stored on the cloud. When you connect to a SharePoint folder or a OneDrive for business folder from Power BI Desktop make sure you log in with your organizational account. When you set up the connection there is something to take notice of. If you use the function “get link” from the elipsis (…) right to the folder the URL of the OneDrive folder you’ll have to ‘clean up’ the URL. For example the following fake URL:

has to be cleaned to:

Otherwise you can’t log in with with your organizational account when connecting from Power BI Desktop. After you did this and publish to Power BI Service the Data source credentials will not longer be greyed out. Then you choose the oauth2 authentication and you will be set.



Make sure you download latest gateway update.

There are a number of share point functions to access lists, folders or files on sharepoint online.

Yes you can connect sharepoint folders to power bi and one drive is infact just a sharepoint folder.

The way you refresh it depends on where your data sources are located inside you pbix file. More information would be required.

Note also the setting required for cloud based sources needs to be ticked to work!

Garry , thank you so much! Where can i see these tick boxes? i cant find them in my setting power bi service. Sorry to keep bothering about this one. Appreciate any help i can have.

Thank you,

Hi Daniel,
Thank you so much! The cleaned link definitely worked. The sharepoint folders came up - however the “Connect” was not an active one? Is it because i havent ticket something like Garry was saying below?


@Jetuke_ES Click the gear icon in the service (Top right), Then click Manage gateway from the menu system in the service. You should then see you gateway setup and the 3 questions below.

@Jetuke_ES sometimes you need to wait of few seconds for the connect to highlight to switch on!

Gary, could it be coz i dont have Pro or Premium just basic one?

thank you!

I would say that is the issue, you need pro account to use service. I haven’t played around much with the free account but it is very limited when it comes to all the features in the service.

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Thanks Gary for your help!