Connecting Multiple Tables to The Same ID Column

Hi, I am about to build a data model connecting one Lookup table to three different Fact production tables with the same MasterData_ID column in each. In planning the relationship, am I able to link the MasterData_ID column of the Lookup table to each of the three respective production tables’ MasterData_ID columns so they they all relate (talk) to each other?

In other words, can I run ‘three’ one-to-many relationships from the one Lookup table (MasterData_ID) to the three production tables (MasterData_ID)? Would this be a logical configuration? Thanks.

PBI Linking

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Hi @Dplex,

That’s exactly how it works your Dimension/Lookup table filters will propagate through the 1:* relationship to all associated fact tables. A best practice is to hide all Key fields in those fact tables so they can’t be selected by mistake.

@Greg created a series on best practices, this one refers to modelling. I’d suggest to check out the entire series you can find it in the Best Practices playlist on the eDNA YouTube Channel.

As well as this structured course, it has several chapters on modelling.

I hope this is helpful

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Hi Melissa, Kind thanks for your reply. I appreciate that.

Unfortunately, the company data I work with is quite problematic So problematic that I have decided to recreate our company files substituted with dummy data to recreate the issues I am having. Then I can upload the PPIX file here for feedback. That’s the only way I can properly present the issues I am facing.

The diagram you have illustrated above is exactly an example of what I have now. Two fact tables are displaying data to a Matrix table while the third measure isn’t. And all three fact tables are connected (one to many) from the lookup table. So this anamoly is quite frustrating.

Anyway, I expect to have the actual files recreated next week and be able to post them here for review.

Kind thanks.

And, I also enjoyed your M videos too. Cheers for deep diving into the M world.

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