Connect PowerBI to Rest APIs using Oauth2

Hi there!

I am struggling to find any great resources on how to connect PowerBi to REST APIs using Oauth2 authentication.

We have many cloud-applications that we require data from that uses this.

Please advise on any resources there may be in the Enterprise DNA network that may be of use.

Hi @Syhryn,

While waiting for the response from the community, have you tried checking about Rest API here in the forum?

Here are what I found: Search results for ‘rest api’ - Enterprise DNA Forum

I hope the discussions there will answer your query.


Hi @Syhryn, upon checking with our content team, this topic is not yet covered in any of our courses. However, we are in communication with one expert on APIs in Power BI and we might be developing a course series on this.

That would be fantastic! I would love for something like that. There is a lot of data I’m struggling to even get into PowerBI. I will be on the look-out for the course.

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Hi @Syhryn, yes, please watch out for that course.

I will be closing this thread as I do not have much help for you at this time. Hope you can find answers in other API discussions inside the Forum.

Hello @EnterpriseDNA,

I am grateful to be part of this community.

Currently, I am looking for content related to Power BI Rest APIs. How can we work with different Rest API options using different tools like Power Shell and Power Automate etc.?

I found this thread after my research. Do we have any updates on the course?


Hi @sanjeevkumar

Usually once a posting is solved, we start a new topic (posting) instead of adding on the close posting.

There are courses on the learning portal that you can review.

There are other resources via Chatgpt or youtube.

I hope this helps