Connect Power BI with XERO

Hi all,

I have seen another post related to this, but the videos showing how to do it have been removed it seem from youtube.

Does anyone know a way Power BI can connect with Xero?
Any help would be much appreciated

Many thanks and appreciate any assistance

Hello @Jeff91

Please see if this helps:
Xero Power BI Desktop Connector: Custom Connector

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I know that I’m late to this, but I was in the same situation, but didn’t want just the data in a data warehouse; I came across Tugger, who have a free trial; I was actually using them for Simpro, which is what attracted me, especially when they said were also doing Xero.

There site is:

I’ve been using Simpro for a while now, so was happy to add Xero too and I really like the Xero report included as a template to import into Power BI.