Conditional Formating

Hi all,

Sometime ago (more than I thought anyway) I created a matrix with conditional font color formatting. Can’t find though the rule on which color is set as rules mask contains no info. Formating though works when filtering. I looked under Cell elements as well with no luck.
I’m I missing something here? Would definitely appreciate your help.

Hello @Thimios

Thank you for posting your query in the forum.

Since its a font color formatting, you can find the same in cell elements section you might find the specific rule for the fonts.



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Thank you @Dharma but I already checked that.
Even though conditional formatting is on for ‘Food Cost old’ under Cell ellements, no Rules/Gradient/Field value is applied. As said, font formatting is working but I can’t find where the rule is coming from.

Looks like it’s coming from a field called TextColour to me. Have you got a measure or something called this in your model?

Sharing your PBIX may help others help with your query.



Hi @jamie.bryan,
I’m sending a link to the model (to large to upload) hoping that you might detect the issue.

I can’t open that at work unfortunately.

I suggest looking in your model for a DAX measure called TextColour. It’ll most likely have an IF statement for the column and colour codes/words for the results.


Hi @Thimios,
As @jamie.bryan has commented, the TextColour measure is the one that contains the font color rules.


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Thank you both @jamie.bryan and @jafernandezpuga!
That was configured long time ago and even forgot the technique…

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