Conceptual Question - Grouping/Summing Amounts Depending on Report View

First time posting and I have a conceptual question - mods, let me know if this needs to have more details and I will delete and repost.

I am creating a variance report where revenue adjustments can be attributable to one of two standard drivers (A & B) or a third driver which groups what are effectively “one offs” or prior period adjustments. What makes it complex is that one offs/prior period for any month can be classified as a standard driver (A or B) in a quarterly view or similarly one offs/prior period in a quarterly view can be classified as a standard driver (A or B) in annual view. Attached is a rough example of how the numbers work in reality.

Any advice on how I can set up the framework to handle this would be very much appreciated as I haven’t been able to quite wrap my head around where to start.

Variance Example.xlsx (12.5 KB)

Hi @goforlexi. Welcome to the community! I can’t wrap my head around what you’re looking for either. Would it be possible for you to prepare a small sample dataset in Excel and an Excel mock-up of the final output you’re looking for? That would give us more to chew on…

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Thanks for the feedback, Greg.

I’ve updated my original post with some additional information and a quick excel mock up that I think illustrates what I’m trying to solve for.

Hi @goforlexi.

Thanks for the sample. My first thoughts are that 3 different DAX measures, one each for monthly, quarterly, and yearly would allow you to apply the appropriate business rule to assign OO to A or B and would then be available for use in each of the 3 matrices you want. If the 3 initial measures work, then you might try to develop a single DAX measure that uses those 3 that could perhaps use the SWITCH( TRUE() function and the ISINSCOPE function. Not sure if this would work, or if it would work in a single hierarchical matrix with year, quarter, and month though, but at least an avenue to explore …

Hope this helps.

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