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Concatenate Values From Two Columns for Unique ID

Hi, I have two columns, one numbers (Material ID), and one text (Shop Number). I wish to concatenate them into a Unique ID column to link to another table of the same ID. What might be the best approach for this in the Query Editor?


Hi @Dplex,

Try this in a custom column:

Number.ToText( [Material ID] ) & [Shop Number]

Dplex IDs.pbix (16.6 KB)


Hey Dplex,

Alternatively, you can merge columns via the Transform or Add Column menu.
It depends if you want to keep the original columns or not from which tab you do the merge.
This option allows you to easily insert a delimiter in case you’d like to split the Unique ID column in a later stage.


Hi Maikelshuvit, thx for that but yes, I’ll still require the the original columns. Cheers for that anyway.

Thanks Jamie, that’s excellent.