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Composite model publishing to service issues

Hi All

I have a new model which is DQ to a SQL DB.

I am having issue publishing it to the service - the credentials don’t seem to be in place.
“Microsoft.Data.Mashup.CredentialError.Reason: CredentialMissing”

I notice that in my model - it is being shown as “mixed” even though i have only connected to the one SQL DB. I have created on table in the model using summarize function.

Most of the tables in model view have a blue heading but some have red - is this anything to do with it?
any help appreciated.

By red you mean you have errors in your data model it might be the reason of your problem remove the error and try again.

Hi All

I discovered the issue thankfully. the red and blue headings in the data model view were indicating that i had two different sources. I knew this wasn’t true (or rather intended).

When i clicking on Option, data source settings - I realised I had accidentally entered the credentials ever so slightly wrong (small w instead of capital W) on once occasion resulting in PBI thinking i had two sources. Then when the gateway was trying to do it’s thing online it was confused. Once this was fixed, all tables went to blue and the publish and refresh on service was fine.


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