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Composite data model refresh

I have a Power BI desktop file it originally contained a composite model.
It was connected to a Power BI dataset in a shared premium space.
It was connected to SQL Server

When you click refresh in the report view there is an error message.
Error Message is “Sequence Contains more than one matching element”

I have removed custom visuals. Google does not seem to help. There should be no reason to change my account , tried zipping and renaming.

I can see that the report is not picking up changes that have happened to the data set.

Am I missing something obvious or are there issues refreshing composite models.

Hi @ells

I could suggest you only trial and error method here as we don’t have visibility of the report. Have you tried creating another instance and connect to the source data and see if you are able to fetch the data.

Is it possible for you to rebuild the connection leaving your report as it is.

If possible please provide screen shot which might help us more in understanding.


Thanks. Been triallijng and erroring for two days.

Creating another report and connecting to the two same data sources does create different results. This leads me to think that as one source (the data set) has changed this might be the cause.

Please explain “rebuild the connection” ? - I have changed the data source from the data set to the same data set. I have also changed it to a data set in a different environment.

As the error message is generic I am struggling. I am trying to recreate the issue with a different account in a different environment at the moment.


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Hi @ells - Cannot help with the exact issue but as it is related to Service, try raising a Ticket with Power BI Support team and see if they can help.

Ankit J

done and waiting

Hello @ells, we just want to follow up if your question was solved?

No resolution yet

Hi @ells! We noticed that your inquiry was left unsolved for quite some time now. We strive to answer ALL inquiries in the forum.

However, if you are sure that you provided all pertinent context to your concerns and read how to use the forum more effectively and still find your question unanswered, you can check out tutorials to learn this yourself as your membership also comes with relevant resources that may help you with your Power BI education.

While our users and experts do as much as reasonable to help you with your inquiries, not all concerns can be attended to especially if there are some learnings to be done. Thank you!