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Comparing between 2 pbix

Hello my fellow Developers,
my boss asked me to do a comparison between 2 pbix datasets to find any data differences between the two and and anomalies. I have googled and eventually gave up. If you know a way/tool that I can use to help me compare the 2 pbix datasets, please share

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Have you looked at ALM Toolkit?

I think its great for comparing files

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@Melissa - Thank you for your quick response, However, I followed the instruction on how to install/use it, the I was not able to successfully set it up. grayed out. see image attached

Hi @Cheusi,

In this dialog, you need to specify the source and target dataset.
Follow this link to learn more on how to use ALM Toolkit

Awesome @Melissa. Thank you. Lets me dig deeper on this one, it looks very promising. Great work!!

H there again, It is I,
I trembled into an error as I was trying to work with AML Toolkit. Any suggestion on how to fix this error

Don’t have a fix for that. Doesn’t support saving changes to a PBIT file.
You should be able to work around it by saving that PBIT as PBIX first…

…ok thank you. How do I save as pbix then.
going to the file explore, there is no option dropdown to chose pbix…any thoughts?


Open you PBIT in Desktop
Save a PBIX first

Connect with ALM to the new PBIX file

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@Melissa . Thank you very much

@ Melissa - Thank you