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Compare differents range of date (2 slicers) in a Line Chart


I am trying to compare the evolution of Sales in a different range of data selected in two different slicers. Specifically I want to compare the sales evolution of this year spring break versus sales evolution of last year spring break. The thing is that spring break is never on the same date so I can not use Time Intelligence functions.

So far I have created two calendar tables, connected by an inactive relationship. This way I can calculate KPIs for these two periods but I can not represent it in a Line Chart.

Any ideas or suggestion would be really appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.SalesOnSpringBreak.pbix (83.5 KB)

the 2020 and 2019 period to compare need to be different or same day-month?

if they are the same can use calculate and dateadd

thanks for your response @LucaB72

That is the tricky part: As spring break is always in diffrent range of dates I can not use DATEADD., netiher SAMEPERIODLY…

I managed to get this

changing the logic link as below

is it waht you looking for?


otherwise can also using the links by date tables as follow:

getting this result: 005

using the following DAX parameters:
Total Sale CATE COMP =
SUMX(‘Spring Break Sales’, ‘Spring Break Sales’[Sales ]),
USERELATIONSHIP(Dates[Date], ‘Dates Comp’[Date])

Total Sale DATE =
SUMX(‘Spring Break Sales’, ‘Spring Break Sales’[Sales ])

similarli can do the graph chart006


PBIX attached, see Page 2:
SalesOnSpringBreak-1.pbix (85.6 KB)

Hi again @LucaB72

I need it both lines to overlap. I need same behaviour of DATEADD but instead of using fixed time period (-1 Year) using the period selected on the secondary date slicer (orange one)

Thanks any way for trying to help. I really appreciate it :relaxed:

and using the second slicer to create a new table with additional columns that has a date plus one year (reporting teh dates filtered from the seond slicer)?
did you try this method?


why then not using the grouping by Dayof the Week, if this is what you need
get the result as below comparing the overall, one by date filter and one from date comp filter

is this ok?


Ohhhh! I think this might work. I can finally compare day by day, even if it is not evolution but I can visualize the diffreence between dates…

I am going to try to work around this idea. I will let you know as soon as I implemented on the dashboard.

Thanks a lot @LucaB72 :star_struck: :relaxed:

Ok thanks

may be can laos show differences010

attached PBIX:SalesOnSpringBreak-1.pbix (87.9 KB)


On this Sam (Enterprise DNA) has fantastic material to watch, all about the context of the parameter calculation.

@judy_fmf The way you have shown line & Are charts are absolutely creative. For now, doesn’t seem to find any other way of presenting the information in line charts but if in the future I could design a custom visual like that, I would certainly let you know.