Common Data Services for apps


Hi All,

I am trying understand what Common Data Services for apps is.

Will Common Data Services for apps replace ODBC drivers.
Will Common Data Services for apps allow us to connect to any open API to extract data.



Think of the common data service (CDS) like MS Access for the cloud. It’s a way to store common data schema and customize ones easily and securely in the cloud.

Historically the only option you’ve had to store data in the cloud really is via Azure sql databases.

I think MS realized this was too complicated for the general user who just wants to use PowerApps, PowerBI and other MS power apps, so they have come up with this new concept called CDS.

I think they are going in the right direction with it and most people don’t want to learn SQL etc and going deep into Azure is not for everyone.

So for quick and easy database/storage solutions CDS is the right strategy.

Personally I have to dive into using it more myself, but this is the way I look at it.


Hey Sam,

Thank you for the explanation. How does CMS differ to using onedrive?

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It actually builds a model in behind the apps. Similar to a Power BI data model, but not as complex as you can do it here. Onedrive is just static data in say excel form etc. with no connection between different data sources.

You might have read this, but this really does lay it out quite well


Hey Sam,

Do you think CDS will replace Power BI desktop eventually.



No way, completely different things and purposes. Power BI is the visualisation layer, while CDS is just data storage and management layer