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Coming Soon : Power Automate Visual

Yep, in a couple of months (or so) a Power Automate Visual will be available PowerBI!.

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Just interested to know, if anyone has used Power Automate (Flow) for PowerBI?

Hi @marcster_uk,

Power Automate is indeed a great tool that complements Power BI very well. I have used it several times along with Power Apps, SharePoint, Microsoft forms & Power Virtual Agent.

The 2 things that currently you are able to perform on Power BI through Power Automate is “Refreshing the dataset” and “Adding data to the dataset”.

How to use "Refreshing the dataset"

Well, other than schedule refreshing, what you can do is set a refresh through Power Automate or, maybe you can create a bot through Power Virtual agent which will trigger the flow to update your dataset.

If you are using an online portal or, Sharepoint, etc. then, you can set “When a new item added” as the trigger to refresh the dataset.

How to use "Adding data to the dataset"

If you are using a streaming dataset or, maybe Microsoft forms then, you may set the trigger and the records will be added to the dataset.

There is a lot of things that you can perform actually through Power Automate and the mentioned example are just a few that I have performed.

Let me know your thoughts on this.


Interesting. Seems like a great new addition to Power BI

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