Combining Multiple Pages into One Page View


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Here is a Challenging Scenario i am looking for a solution:

  1. I have 5 Products
  2. Each Product requires a Demand; Cost; Profits and Margins to be Calculated by changing Demand; Cost; and Price Variables using Slicers
  3. Management wants to play with Each Product Scenario Individually to see Outcomes of Variable Manipulation
  4. Hence Each Product Scenario is on a Single Page
  5. Now Management wants to see Combined Output of All the Products on a Single Page while at the Same Time Playing Individually with Each Product.


  1. Have created Single Page for each Product to change Demand; Price; Cost Values using Slicers to calculate Profits; Total Revenue and Margins


How do i create a Combined Single View of Total Revenues; Total Profits and Total Margins on a New Page by taking Values from each page and New Page is Dynamic to show change in Values of each Page?

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I think you’ll just want to have the one page where you can determine ever variable at play rather than setting variable on other pages and having them flow through.

If you did this then it would be very confusing and complex for the user especially if they are viewing this online.

These a number of scenario analysis resources within Enterprise DNA Online.

Check out these modules for all the ideas you should need to get this all working.


Hi Sam

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Had gone thru both the lectures and used concepts in creating my solution.

However, user’s expectation of a solution are different

Will send you separately data and solution i created on your personal mail.

May be you can develop this idea for Optimizing Manpower cost in Service Organizations where manpower cost is 60 to 70% of total revenue.

It will benefit lot of those who who work in Service Industry

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Hi Kuldeep if you could add all information to the forum post that would be preferred. Thanks