Combine files - does it use header names?


Hi Sam,
Quick question.
I have a number of excel files that I am looking to bring into power query using the ‘combine’ button.
these source files have changed in format slightly over the years and I was wondering does the combine function use header names to combine the data from individual files? or does it use column index?


Interesting one.

I don’t know exactly but have done some reading.

This is the best article explaining it. It doesn’t exactly answer your question though.

Other this I would just try it and see what happens. You can break anything.



Hi Mks68
from when i’ve used Power Query (addin in excel) i have used a custom functions that works great for combining tables that are similar in the same format. I’ve also had to make sure the columns fields in both table 1 and 2 are the exact same and have no blank spaces.

Hope this helps


this youtube link shows someone appending 3 tables you will see there no spaces in all column field names.
and the column names are the exact same in all 3 tables

hope this helped