Column recognized in one report and not the other

Anyone have any idea why in one report this measure works but in the other PBI report it does not recognize the column. The column exists in the same table with the same name AvailabilityOITW. BelowMin = if(‘OITW’[AvailabilityOITW]<‘OITW’[MinStock],1,0). I had to add an aggregation like sum or min to make it work in the other report before it. BelowMin =
if(Sum(‘OITW’[AvailabilityOITW])<Sum(‘OITW’[MinStock]),1,0). The report I added it to it did not exist so I did add the column but that should not make a difference. I used add column in PBI and did not do it in the Query editor. Would that matter?

@michael.wescott7226 - Genrally - be aware that PowerQuery use Query name for referencing not a table name.
Regarding calculated column versus measures you can check at:

Of course if you use measure branching - you need to create all measure that are involved.